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Aliens unleashed


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the truth is here!

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Comments (11)

nice ignorance you have there fuck head

are they? oh ok thx anyway =)

great video, but you do know some of the pictures r from movies right. plus some of the facts are iincorrect, but it was a nice video

Something happened back then. There’s just too much being said about it all not for it to have merit.

And how can you compare annunaki’s to fallen angel because if you believe in legends they predate Christianity by 3000 years if you compare like this the fallen angels would be igigi who rebeled against annunaki and they banished them.

Annunaki were not giants doh.

Annunaki are not nephelims.

According to Summerian legends annunaki created us and gave us knowledge while god from the bible gave us great flood kiling in his name is right bla bla bla.

And his commandment which says that we must not believe in other gods and we must worship him which is the very thing the evil one will do yes he gave us few laws that are good (like lying politicians just to win people on their side)

And send jesus to die for us (death for 3 days, ressurection king of heaven

well done kid! 5****

who sings the song cooooooool

its a good’un Riv!

groovey dude……and true!

5 stars.love the music as well.keep up the good work and keep spreading the word.peace

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