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Fresno Alien, Nightcrawler, Stick Figure


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here is a short fragment from on the series “Fact or faked paranormal files” (season 1 episode 2) This is probably the best quality that we will ever see. It’s a shame there was never a direct transfer from the CCTV System

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@ProjectGreyX I’m not saying science can’t prove it or anything but I’m also saying that people shouldnt assume. There is no need for one.
That is true, the only thing that would prove their existence is if contact was made.
People may or may not have had abduction experiences. Many people have had the ideas planted in their heads by others…

Anyone ever think it could just be a bunch stripped towels on a line or something? xP

@SCRulerShinoda science can’t prove if there is a god and secondly many people have had real abduction experiences including myself like I said the only thing that would prove their existence is if they landed at the front of your porch

@ProjectGreyX This is far from concrete evidence. grainy photographs and shitty video is not concrete evidence.

Over fifty percent of the population in teh world also believes in gods. Do you know why? Because most people are second rate in terms of intelligence.

@SCRulerShinoda i was talking in general and my behavior * is appropriate when it comes to skeptics that can’t really disprove concrete evidence offered to the world and I am not promoting my memory I am sharing an experience of many that I have had

they are real and they have been here for a long time any scientific method you want to use will not disprove this matter of fact is over 50% of the population in the world believes in aliens I wonder why

@ProjectGreyX assholes? We’re just trying to follow the scientific method, and not be gullible. It’s behaviour like that that causes destruction of intelligence.
You can keep thinking being a skeptic is bad or something, but let me tell you, it’s the best way to be.
You can promote your memory all you want, doesnt mean its an accurate representation.

@SCRulerShinoda memory ? I have a memory as sharp as a hawk’s eyesight I understand it’s not evidence I was sharing an experience I had a few years ago but I’m sure If I were to have an alien grey pose for me and take a few shots of it and share them online everyone would be calling them a fake *jokes* I know how you skeptics think nothing will change your minds unless an alien grey appeared right in front of you that’s the only evidence you assholes would probably accept

@ProjectGreyX First-hand witnessing is one of the most unreliable sources of evidence, but most people dont understand this. Memory is very very unreliable because inherent bias, conviction, etc. can manipulate it.

@SCRulerShinoda that’s fine like I said I welcome skeptics but I know they are real one experience of mine was about 4-5 years ago I was playing I think World of Warcraft in my room and I had to take a piss so I got up and starting walking to the bathroom this was around midnight and I saw an alien grey staring at me from the bathroom how do you explain that ? you can’t but like you said concrete evidence is what you and others want and that’s difficult to do with so many fakes out there

@ProjectGreyX I’m sure. Harvard wasnt the only one that did studies on sleep paralysis.
Hundreds of people all over the world have sleep paralysis. Ever hear of the “Hag”? Its what the phenomenon is called in newfoundland.
The mind is powerful, and when you’re only half conscious, with the rest of your mind dreaming as you read your surroundings, things can become real to you and to noone else.
Until I find undeniable proof of abduction, not just half-baked curiosities, I’m remaining skeptical.

@SCRulerShinoda it’s not sleep paralysis I’ve done plenty of research and I can say that not all of the experiences are the same and about 90% of the abduction cases you read about on the internet are lies from what I can tell I remember reading a research done at Harvard on sleep paralysis and it was all bullshit because they were controlling what the test subjects saw before they conducted the test so the theory behind it is false

@ProjectGreyX Its easy to say something is whatever it is. It’s also easy to fake things.
what should be provided is a video of an full bodied, visible alien in front of someone, moving like a living thing.
And its easy to claim abduction. Its funny how most abduction seems the same.
It’s called Sleep paralysis. look it up.

@SCRulerShinoda that’s fine it seems any evidence presented to the world on ET’s get’s a stamp of approval from skeptics heck if I was lucky enough to take a photo of what I saw that night staring at me from my bathroom you’d still call it a fake without offering any evidence to backup the fact that it’s a fake many people just call anything a fake so ……

a few months ago I talked about my abduction experiences on some forum site and people were calling me a liar….

@ProjectGreyX Stoop down? Where the hell do you get off?
Just what is your definition of skeptic?

You can say that but until you give evidence I’m going to have to disagree with your gut feelings.

they wear capes now? wtf? lol

@SCRulerShinoda true but I am not going to stoop down to a skeptic’s level and agree with them no but what I will say is that these aliens are real and they are here and 2012 another gut feeling of mine is when they reveal themselves to the world

Wow… Such swag! I bet he’s so proud he got on t.v! The other stick things must be so jelous!

@ProjectGreyX Gut feelings are all well and fine but people’s memories can be altered by wanting to believe.

@jakersify Well that’s a given. However, You dont know what the hell it is so you can’t make assumptions.

@DeltaCommando52 …lol

its not to skinny it may apear that way but think of stilts and the proper sheeting. the arms are covered with sheets. etc its debunked. done with it.

For skeptics out there THIS IS TOO SKINNY TO BE A PERSON

@captainparady yea. I would like 2 watch or even star in a show where i would stay for like a week investigating stuff like this instead or 1 night, they might get something instead of a grainy photo or something

@brightguy01 and dont forgot they run off like wuss ,not doing their job as investigator.

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