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Robin Williams Dead of Apparent Suicide at 63

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Robin Williams, the manic comic genius who morphed from TV’s Mork from Ork to Oscar-winning glory, is dead of an apparent suicide. He was 63.
Emergency personnel were called to Williams’s home in Tiburon, California, at 11:55 a.m. local time, per the Marin County Sheriff’s Office.
Williams was found unconscious and pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities are investigating the death, and an autopsy is forthcoming, but initial evidence points to “a suicide due to asphyxia,” according to Marin Sheriff’s Lt. Keith Boyle.
In a brief statement, publicist Mara Buxbaum said Williams had been “battling severe depression of late. This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time.”


Mork and mindy

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Is Bitcoin a Government Conspiracy?

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Bitcoin continues surging towards heady heights, closing in on $1000. Following growing demand in China and US validation after a convivial Senate hearing, the total transaction volume of the futuristic money has now surpassed PayPal. But bitcoin’s momentum has revived an old debate. Is bitcoin, like Tor and the internet itself, the creation of the US government?

And is Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin’s auspicious prophet—who, by the way, is still the largest individual holder of the cryptocurrency—really an agent working under instructions for the NSA and DARPA? The idea may not seem as far fetched as it sounds.

“The IMF has been openly calling for a digital, one-world, deflationary currency for 2 decades,” one conspiracy theorist tantalizing wrote. “OPENLY. It has been discussed and promoted OPENLY at G8 and G20 summits”

The user cites an NSA investigation on crytopgraphic money networks that began in the early-’90s and believes that Satoshi is actually Tatsuaki Okamoto, one of the main NSA researchers.

“Scientific technology grants issued by government and intelligence agencies are how these labs are funded and promoted,” the reddit user nicolaosq writes. “The regulation and control of bitcoin has been actively developed alongside the development of the network.”

However unlikely, despite the libertarian wet dreams of bitcoin’s initial ambitions, the pseudo-anonymous currency could actually be the perfect way for governments to keep an NSA-like eye on the world’s transactions. In the eyes of these conspiracy theorists, it’s for this reason that the Department of Homeland Security embraced the cryptocurrency at the Senate hearing on Monday. As bitcoin becomes assimilated into the financial system, which the US still controls with an iron grip, it becomes orders of magnitude easier to monitor than physical cash.

Is it crazy to think that such monitoring systems are already developed or are under development? Indeed, there are numerous other benefits that virtual currencies could have for governments and central banks. There’s growing discussion of the advantages that e-money could have for Federal Reserve policy, allowing them to set interest rates without clunky mechanisms like quantitative easing, and that paper money is actually holding the system back.

In the end, none of it might matter. The people have already spoken. Government creation or not, everyone loves bitcoin, which is bad news for the money launderers and anarchists. For the rest of us, we can simply sit back and enjoy the lower fees.


The Adjustment Bureau: Fringe Style


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OK so this isn’t Ashes to Ashes or Doctor who but I saw this movie trailer a few weeks ago and immediately thought of Fringe, it just fits so perfectly! Peter and Olivia hold the key to the fate of more than one universe and it’s the Observers job to make sure that their plan is carried out. Doctor Who/Ashes to Ashes lovers should definitely check out Fringe with it’s parallel universes, love triangles and weird scientific/paranormal events. I know it’s been a while between vids but hopefully there’s more to come. Hope you like this one, cause I’m really proud of it :) **No Copyright Infringement Intended

Orbs – Light Painting Photography Tutorial


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photoextremist.com go here to get all the links and see the full written blog article on how to make abstract light painting long exposure photographs of orbs and spheres.

“We’re Here.” Take me to your Maitreya


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www.share-international.org First, have a look at some “new” old technology – unwantedpublicity.media.officelive.com “Tentative worldwide UFO display October 13, 2010″ – news.yahoo.com UFO crash drills, UK – www.datelinezero.com See Doc’s channel and/or Warrior4God13′s channel for information on the Nazi new age UFO deception www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Steve Quayle has some great new fear mongering on his main page, go give it a look. I never take their stories to be absolute truth, but as things are getting weirder, I’m starting to lean toward the belief that he’s onto something. stevequayle.com

Oklahoma Ufo sky 10th March 2010

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Thanks to cooliesass! One big clear sighting,many probes and a big cloaked mothership!

Alex Collier – June 16th. 2010 – 2012 & Beyond Teleconference.mp4


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Roswell – Season 3, Episode 18 – Graduation [2/3]


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Roswell – Chant Down Babylon S03E18 Season 3, Episode 18 Roswell 3×18

Mike Hoggard king james code pt1 6/10

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Conspiracy NWO Mike Hoggard Vatican Jesuit Illuminati Freemason Black Nobility Skull and Bones EU Secret Societies Government CFR UN CIA NSA HAARP Electromagnetic Antigravity DNA King James Code NASA Moon Sun Saturn Jupiter Nazi UFO Demon Alien Reptilian Symbolism Occult Blavatsky Pike Crowley Satanic Cult Ritual Sacrifice Fascist Communist Luciferian Doctrine Eye Pyramid Babylon Nephilim Raphaim Fallen Angels 911 New Age One World Order Chaos Theosophy KJV Holy Bible Christianity God Jesus Christ Revelation — [Uploaded using YT-Splitter] in20s.com